h i a t u s  n o t i c e.

As you might have noticed, I haven’t been on this account for ages. That has been because of multiple reasons, mostly because of my lack of muse and of interaction. I won’t be deleting this account since I’m incredibly attached to it but I will leave this post above all the others so that anyone who passes by knows. If you need to contact me for any reasons ( for example, if you want to interact with JARVIS ) you can find me here on my personal or on the two following accounts ( tony stark ; poison ivy ). I do not know if or when I will come back to roleplay on this account, there is a possibility that I will in the near future but for now, I’ll put this account officially on an indefinite hiatus.

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No, really— I’m fine.


Alright then.


Thanks. Haven’t slept in three days.


Who are you again?

JARVIS. And you should definitely get some sleep, Sir.



That really wouldn’t be a problem though. I think. I mean if there’s one thing I have an awful lot of, it’s time.

But you seem to know your stuff. Have you had one before

  No, I haven’t. Nor am I planning to. These are just fundamentals—— everyone should know what it means to have a pet. Animals aren’t toys, people know they have to be responsible.

  It’s just that. Not a personal experience.

    Is everything alright?



                     ” —— We both agree on that front.
                                      He’s worse than I am when it comes to caffeine. “

        “He gave up an addiction for another one.
                        But I’d rather provide him with coffee than a bottle after another of alcohol.”


It’s fine, JARVIS. I do appreciate it, but— I wouldn’t want to make this all about me, really. How are you?


Ms. Potts, I am like always. I would not be bothered at all if you talked about yourself all day. This is why I’m here for.